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Financing advice

Thinking about a corporate takeover or sale, or maybe you just want to expand your existing business? Verstegen Corporate Finance can help you take the right steps to make your plans a reality. We can not only perform reliable valuations and estimates, we can also formulate and implement complex financing plans for you as well. Thanks to our extensive expertise and our close relationship with the accountants and tax consultants of Verstegen, you can be sure to get quick and accurate advice every time.

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Wherever you are thinking about a corporate takeover, merger, refinancing, or even family matters, it is essential to know exactly how much a company is worth. Furthermore, valuations can also help you identify potential areas for improvement. Especially if you get the expert advice of the corporate finance advisers of Verstegen. We are conversant with all the standard valuation models, but we also highlight the strengths of a company as well. Depending on your specific needs, we can draw up both detailed and abbreviated valuation reports, both in Dutch and in English.

Second opinion
If a buyer or seller wants to verify a valuation drawn up by an external corporate finance expert, then they can ask us to provide a second opinion. We will prepare this second opinion from a critical, but constructive perspective, and can also formulate solutions that will bring the parties closer together.

Complex financing
Financing is not only important for corporate takeovers. It can also be used to finance growth or to find a cheaper or better financing solution, and Verstegen Corporate Finance can help in all of these areas. We will work out the optimal corporate financing needs with you, and then help you to make the necessary financing arrangements. Proper groundwork and preparation is essential in order to create enough time and space for creative financing solutions. The specialists of Verstegen Corporate Finance will help you to draw up a solid financing application, which contains all the information that financiers will need in order to approve the application.

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