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The Accountancy Services of Verstegen Accountants

All good decisions start with reliable information. That is why you can always count on Verstegen to help you get the facts straight. Our accountants and advisers act as a sounding board, give advice about both daily matters and unusual situations, and give you the facts and figures you, your shareholders, and any other stakeholders need in order to make well-considered business decisions. The accountants and advisers of Verstegen are renowned for their integrity, expertise, and reliability.

“Accountants don’t just crunch numbers all day, they also help people make their businesses a success.”
Edzo van den Berg RA, Partner and SME specialist

We always take a uniquely independent and customised approach to every single one of our clients. The focus on customisation helps us to give practical advice about the specific issues facing each client. Verstegen doesn’t just look at the numbers, but also at the business itself and the people who work for it and who own it. Our ability to see a situation from the client’s point of view – in combination with our extensive knowledge and experience – means we can always formulate constructive advice to help improve your business operations. And to give you more financial security, both now and in the future.

Interested? Want to know more? Contact Edzo van den Berg or one of our other accountants now.

Drs. Edzo van den Berg RA

Administrative systems
In order to get the right information, you need to have your administrative systems organised in the right way. Our accountants and advisers will be glad to help you make sure your administrative system gives you exactly the information you need, at exactly the right time. Using the latest technology, we make sure you have efficient data entry procedures and that you can access your administrative system at any time, and from any place.

Interim reports

Interim reports, such as monthly or quarterly figures, can provide information that can be useful to both you and other stakeholders. We can give you advice about how to configure your systems to make it easy to prepare regular interim reports. Sometimes external parties, such as banks or regulatory authorities, ask for an interim report to be accompanied by an auditor’s report. We will be glad to discuss your specific situation with you, and help you find the right solution for your needs.

Compilation of annual accounts

The purpose of annual accounts is to inform shareholders and other financial stakeholders about the financial performance of a business. If you give us an assignment to compile your annual accounts, you can be assured that your annual accounts will satisfy all the statutory requirements. Our compilation report will moreover confirm that the information presented in the annual accounts has been drawn up in the proper way. For the accountants and advisers of Verstegen, the compilation of the annual accounts is not the end, but just the beginning. The annual accounts will help us to give you practical tips and advice to help guarantee your financial security and your future business success.

Auditing and assessment of annual accounts

Most legal entities have a legal obligation to have their annual accounts audited by an accountant. Verstegen accountants and advisers has been licensed by the Financial Markets Authority (AFM) to carry out audits that meet all the statutory requirements. Even if a legal entity does not have a legal obligation to have an audit carried out, they can have the annual accounts audited voluntarily. Is also possible for an in-depth audit to be carried out which gives an even greater level of certainty about the accuracy of your annual accounts. We will be glad to help you choose the right type of audit to suit your specific needs.

Special accountant’s reports

Sometimes an external party can ask for a special report from your accountant. For example, if you want to take out cover for consequential losses with an insurance company or apply to join a sector association. Or if an organisation wants to hire you or your employees. Special accountant’s report can be requested and issued in all types of situations. Do you need a special accountant’s report? Then feel free to contact us now, and we will explain all the possibilities.

Budgets and forecasts

As a business owner, it is often more important for you to think ahead rather than to look back. And we would agree. Based on the information in the annual accounts, we can help you develop a strategy for the future. Our accountants and advisers have all sorts of smart resources that can calculate a whole range of scenarios for the future. This makes it easy for you to draw up a roadmap for the future, and to attract investors to your business. In addition, we can also provide a special auditor’s report to confirm that your budgets and forecasts are based on solid financial assumptions.

Special audits

You can ask the accountants and advisers of Verstegen to carry out all types of special audits. For example, if you need to verify the value of assets or carry out due diligence in connection with a merger or takeover. We can be especially helpful in a situation where there are conflicting (financial) interests. We will discuss the situation with you to determine the exact purpose of the audit, the activities we need to carry out, and the information that will be presented in the final report. Contact us now to find out about more about all the different types of special audits that we can carry out for you.

Just like every other business owner, you are using more and more information technology then ever before. And that means you have to deal with all kinds of new and challenging problems. How do you know your computer systems are configured properly, and is your data properly protected against loss or theft? Or do you need an ISAE 3402 report to prove that your computer systems meet the necessary requirements before a client will give you a contract? Then contact one of our IT auditors to discuss your specific situation. They will help you identify all the weaknesses in your system and come up with practical solutions to fix any problems you might have.

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