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Business economics consultancy

Complex financial issues, cost-control measures, and the improvement of internal organisational structures are not easy matters to deal with. That is when the objective advice of an outside expert can really help. Somebody who can look at your financial and operational management of your business objectively, and then identify the key issues that need to be tackled, and spot opportunities that you might have missed. The experienced financial consultants of Verstegen, who have personal experience in a range of industries, are adept at tackling all kinds of taxation matters, configuring (financial) administration systems, and introducing cost reduction measures.

From the development of an administrative organisation, internal monitoring procedures, and selecting the best software for financial administration, to financing and valuation issues, mergers, takeovers, and compliance procedures… Whatever the challenge you are facing, and whatever the industry you are working in, Verstegen can help you with solid advice, effective action, and in-depth expertise.

For more information contact Koen Hoogendoorn RA MGA.

Bedrijfseconomische advisering Koen Hoogendoorn Koen Hoogendoorn RA MGA

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