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At Verstegen we take tax advisory services very seriously. The tax consultants at Verstegen will take a thorough look at your situation and give you the advice you need based on their in-depth knowledge of taxation rules and regulations. They are also experts in fields of law as well. Our highly trained consultants are skilled at translating their theoretical knowledge into practical taxation advice that will make a difference. Whether you are in the non-profit sector or the SME sector. This means you will always be informed about your taxation obligations and be able to take maximum advantage of any tax benefits offered under the law.

“Attention to detail without losing sight of the bigger picture. That is the foundation of our approach.“
– Mr. Jan van Neerbos RB, Partner and trust, pension, and tax consultant.

Value-Added Tax
VAT – everyone has to pay it. Even non-commercial organisations, such as schools, churches, and amateur sports associations. Furthermore, small business owners are often subject to VAT offset restrictions or corrections for business representation expenses. Whatever aspect of VAT you have to deal with, our VAT specialists can explain all the risks and opportunities and advise you on the best course to follow.

Corporation tax
With the expert advice of Verstegen, you can make sure you are not paying more corporation tax than you need to. Our expert taxation consultants can also help you with your tax returns, exploratory discussions and negotiations with the tax authorities, objection and appeal procedures, and advice about the best way to structure your business. That way can keep your tax bills and interest charges down to a minimum.

International taxes
Does your company sell goods on the international market? Or do you have branches in other countries? The accountants and advisers of Verstegen have the knowledge and expertise to help you with international aspects of taxation, such as transfer pricing and dividend routing. Via MGI, the global network of independent accountants, we can help you all around the world. Which means you can always count on us, wherever you are.

Legal structure and status
Choosing the right legal structure for your company will depend on various factors. But of course, if you make the wrong choice you can end up paying too much tax. So what is the best legal structure for your company? Not only when you first start up, but later on as well when you expand. For example, when is the best time to switch from sole proprietorship to a private limited company, and when do you need to set up a subsidiary? Our advisers will be glad to explain all the issues to you.

Pensions, occupational disability, and financial planning
You have decided to set up your own business, and you enjoy the freedom that gives you every single day. But what about your pension? What are the consequences for you and your family if you become occupationally disabled, and how will your surviving dependents be taken care of if you die? And how secure are your financial plans for the future? When will you be able to retire, and will you have enough money to enjoy your retirement? These are important questions and Verstegen can help you find the right answer to all of them.

Tax disputes and litigation
The experienced tax advisers of Verstegen know exactly what the tax laws, government policy, and case law mean for your specific situation. They are also able to translate their extensive expertise into practical, tailor-made tax advice for your business. They can also help you conduct negotiations with the tax authorities or represent you in any tax disputes and litigation.

Would you like to know more? Then contact Sjoerd Kuiper RB or Gerrit-Jan Sikkema BSc LLM RB.

Sjoerd Kuiper RB
Gerrit-Jan Sikkema BSc LLM RB

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