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Negotiations and mediation

Communication is key, especially in financial and corporate negotiations. Are you looking for a win-win solution that can clinch a takeover or resolve a dispute? The corporate finance specialists of Verstegen Corporate Finance can also help you with negotiations and mediation services.

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Maarten van Hemsbergen
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A successful takeover stands or falls on effective negotiations. That is when it really pays to have an experienced specialist on your side. We are skilled in this process due to our decades of experience of working on corporate finance projects. For us, negotiations are all about achieving a win-win solution through thorough preparation, understanding the perspective of the opposite party, accurately defining the objectives of all parties involved, and creating a positive atmosphere. But they also know to say no and draw a line if they need to.

Mediation can be an ideal way to resolve disputes. Our approach involves the development of acceptable solutions after a thorough consideration of the concerns and interests of both parties. Negotiation strategies play an important role, but an accurate understanding of the existing relationships and the background history are indispensable. The excellent reputation and independent status of Verstegen Corporate Finance mean we are able to gather the necessary information and come up with a robust solution that is acceptable to everyone.

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